API Documentation

This can be used for anything from looking up breached emails and their sources to getting a list of data acquired on a specific domain breach.


The first thing that you will need is an API key which you can get by contacting us at [email protected] with your purpose, IP address or domain to link, and your company name and email. (The API is only available to corporations with a valid reason for needing it and verified developers)

This key will need to be embedded in your API request via the "key" GET request variable.

For example, if your api key was: jYKhkmBTP89CUMetYmdnVz9chztyTVYy
you're request would start with:

curl -X GET "https://breachdirectory.tk/api/?key=jYKhkmBTP89CUMetYmdnVz9chztyTVYy{rest of request}"

Our API supports searching the database using 6 separate functions

The function type is accepted in the "func" GET request variable, and the actual lookup is accepted in the "term" variable.

A sample request for the email "[email protected]" using the above api key is shown below.

curl -X GET "https://breachdirectory.tk/api/?key=jYKhkmBTP89CUMetYmdnVz9chztyTVYy&func=email&[email protected]"


A sample response to the above API call is as follows (it is in a pretty printed JSON format):

 "results": 4,
 "passwords": [
 "hashes": [
 "numsources": 7,
 "sources": [

Below is a sample error response from the API

 "error": "The API key is incorrect/invalid"