API Documentation

This can be used for anything from looking up breached emails and their sources to getting a list of data acquired on a specific domain breach.


The first thing that you will need is an API key which you can get by contacting us at [email protected].

This key will need to be embedded in your API request via the "key" GET request variable.

For example, the beginning of your request should if your api key was: jYKhkmBTP89CUMetYmdnVz9chztyTVYy
you're request would be:

curl -X GET "https://breachdirectory.tk/api?key=jYKhkmBTP89CUMetYmdnVz9chztyTVYy"

Our API supports searching the database using 6 separate functions

The function type is accepted in the "func" GET request variable, and the actual lookup is accepted in the "term" variable.

A sample request for the email "[email protected]" using the above api key is shown below.

curl -X GET "https://breachdirectory.tk/api?key=jYKhkmBTP89CUMetYmdnVz9chztyTVYy&func=email&[email protected]


A sample response to the above API call is as follows (it is in a pretty printed JSON format):

"results": 4,
"passwords": [
"hashes": [
"numsources": 7,
"sources": [

Below is a sample error response from the API

"error": "The API key is incorrect/invalid"