What is This Site About?

This site serves two primary purposes for me: firstly, it obviously provides a service to the public. Data breaches are rampant and many people don't appreciate the scale or frequency with which they occur. By aggregating the data here I hope that it not only helps victims learn of compromises of their accounts, but also highlights the severity of the risks of online attacks on today's internet.

This site came about after what was, at the time, the largest ever single breach of customer accounts — Adobe. I often did post-breach analysis of user credentials and kept finding the same accounts exposed over and over again, often with the same passwords which then put the victims at further risk of their other accounts being compromised.

The goes into a lot more detail, but all the data on this site comes from "breaches" where data is exposed to persons that should not have been able to view it.

Meet The Team

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chief financial officer

We are currently hiring emplyees with experience in management and sponsorships to help with finances and maintaining realtionships with other companies.

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Rohan Patra

Chief Exectuive Officer

founder and creator of breachDirectory

I am a high school student currently attending Dougherty Vallery High School. I'm interested in computer science, machine learning, cybersecurity, and networking/engineering.


Product maintenance

We are currently hiring aspiring full-stack web developers and machine learning experts to help maintain our database and website.

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